Sunday, April 15, 2012

Visions of a Brighter Day - Trev Teasdel

Vision of a Brighter Day

Vision of a Brighter Day from Trev Teasdel on Vimeo.

(Feb 2001 – By Trev Teasdel)

If you could see inside my heart
You’d know how much it hurts to be apart.
You’ve touched something so deep inside
And my love for you could never hide.

Your love around me was a silken gown
Shielding me from a lonely frown.
I never kissed or held you close
But you reached me where it matters most.

Chorus –
Cos you’re like a vision of a brighter day
With golden footpaths leading through the grey.
You’re like a church where everything is true
And every ounce of love I have's for you.

Oh I know I’m just a step along your way.
I’d do anything I could to make you stay.
There can be space in love for solitude
And hearts grow fonder in the interlude.

I see a world that needs what we can do
Two hearts with a mission to carry through.
If I’m the cheese, you’re my chalk,
Can we meet up, I think we need to talk.


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