Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Phoenix - Trev and the Collective Unconscious

Trev Teasdel Middlesbrough 1986

After the planes came
With bombs for our city.
After the night-raid’s
Nightmare intensity.

In the wake of the heartbreak-
Sorrow in the heart-shocked

You – must carry on – Rise from the ashes – Soar in the sky
You – mustn’t give in – have faith in your future – pride in your past
You – must carry on – Rise from the ashes – Soar in the sky
You – mustn’t give in – Just like the phoenix – Never say die.

The Sirens sounded
The scramble for shelter.
Survival in crisis
Fear jammed the senses.
The drone of the bombers
Descending like demons
Menacing our skyways,
Our streets are exploding
Sudden cadence of brick-fall
Operation – Moonlight Sonata.

This is for those who fell in the moonlight
While the bombers raged and the ….

In the silence
Of heart-stopped
From shelters
The seeking of loved ones
In rubble hid carnage.
A spirit was rising
Hardened by hammers
That called forth the flames
In the shape of a future.
From the embers of darkness
 This track was created in Middlesbrough in 2006 when my mother sent me a copy of a supplement from the Coventry Telegraph which featured people's memories of the Coventry blitz and surviving all night in the air raid shelters while the bombs fell all around and the dive bombing began. The stories were horrendous and Stephen Ingledew and i were working on a chord sequence on the keyboards and with Steve Gillgallon worked it up into the piece. The words, which came first, weren't added to the track in the end but we put the synth through a flanger in second half of the song to emulate the dive bombers.

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