Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Isolate - Trev and the Collective Unconscious

The Isolate
©Trev Teasdel 

This is the backing track for the song recorded on portastudio 1986 in Middlesbrough. We didn't leave space for the vocal track but earlier version will uploaded. This was featured on the Songs from the Coventry Underground album in 2007.
Under lock and key
In a room where no one goes
He sheds the tears
no one else will see.
In the recess of his mind
where troubles often hide
He feels the sorrow
felt by him alone.

Bridge 1
His eyes do not betray
the hurt that rots his soul
and his lips are sworn to secrecy
(his lips are sworn to secrecy).

but he says it's alright
Daylight follows night
He knows to hold on tight
One day it will come right.

In a folder 'neath the floor boards
in a room where no one goes
are the words he wrote
to songs he never sings.
In the silence of his solitude
so void and unbenign
we witness how
his dreams are growing wings.

Bridge 2
One day his key will turn
One day his door will open
You'll see his dreams take shape
in the world outside his mind
And when his heart is sure
When his vision's clear
You'll see his dreams take flight
in the room outside his mind...
(To Chorus)

And his dreams are howling wolves
in the hopelessness of night
that beckon to
and herald in the light.
And his sorrow and his searching
are craftsmen of his dreams
chiselled in that rip n shred of life.

Bridge 3
His heart is pure and clear
like a stream that wanders free
He sees things as they ought to be.
And he climbs the stairs of life
with his visions running wild
and guides them as they grow
like a parent would a child.

This lyric began in Coventry 1979 while working at J J Cash Ltd. While others had a smoke break, I used to have 'write' break. The only place to get any peace to jot down any lyric ideas that occurred to me was to lock myself away in a toilet cubicle! The job was a bit of an alienating one the cubicle was a bit like a cell! That prompted an idea for the first verse.A year later I was on a degree course in Teesside so I was probably plotting my escape from the mundane to something more fulfilling. I finished the lyric off in Middlesbrough 1986 and set it to music and did various arrangements with my musician friends Steve Gillgallon and Steve Ingledew using synths and keyboards.The version on Songs From the Coventry Underground is an instrumental as we left no spare track on the 4 track portastudio for the vocals - bad planning! However there are some earlier versions which i will add here.

Trev Teasdel - flanged electric and acoustic guitars and (on some tracks - vocals), writer.
Steve Gillgallon - Bass guitar, lead, keyboards, (synth on some versions), arrangement.
Steve Ingledew - keyboards / synth and drum machine.

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