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A Teardrop in the Tees - Trev Teasdel


A Teardrop in the Tees 1981 by Trev Teasdel from Trev Teasdel on Vimeo.

Little Cleveland Kathy grew up in the slums
The rain leaked through the roof
and the paint flaked off the walls.
At night, in bed, in winter
her feet grew cold and numb
In a house that wasn't weather-proof
she'd shiver till morning come.

Kathy's parents quarreled, all the time they could,
Always short on money
Always flush for tears.
Her mother claimed her father was a lazy ne're do good
cos he could never find employment
and drank his dole down in the pub.

And Kathy's voice was lost
like a teardrop in the Tees
Like wood that can't be seen for trees
A teardrop in the Tees.
Kathy she resided, in a home divided
Like muck that clogs the kitchen sink
she was always in the way.
Never knowing where to turn
to clear confusion from her head.
In the land of ‘do-without’, with tears she wet her bed.

Kathy took a walk down by
where the Tees flows deep and wide.
Feeling quite at home amongst
the rust and the bitter waves.
She saw the beaten path between the dole and the factory yard.
She felt just like the can she kicked
crushed and beaten on all sides.

By Trev Teasdel 1981


This song was written in 1981 on Teesside for a Radio Tees Folk Song Competition and this version was recorde on Singer Songwriters Dave Wood's reel to reel in one take. The song was based on an early version written in Coventry and I reworked the lyrics for Teesside - originally called Mary Annabella. We did a later version 1982 with Ann Wainwright on Flute and backing vocals and Colin Walker on Violin and arrangement for a performance at the Dovecot Arts centre in stockton. A practice version of that will be added here in time.

Below is the same song as part of a rehearsal tape fora performance wtthe Dovecot Arts centre, Stockton on Tees 1982 featuring Trev teasdel on clawpicked guitar and vocals,Ann Wainwright of Poetic Licence magazine on flute and backing vocals,Colin Walker on violin and who wrote the arrangement for Violin and Flute.

A Teardrop in the Tees 1982 by Trev Teasdel from Trev Teasdel on Vimeo.

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