Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scarf - Trev Teasdel

Video to come to this and song story

That night we were drunk in a downtown bar
And you were careful no to let me go too far
I said I’d take you home and you thought I had a car
Oh I tried so hard just to make you laugh
And you said that you’d Knit me a scarf.

Outside on the street, walking you home
We confided to each other, tired of being alone
I complained that my neck was getting cold
And you put your arms around me in a loving hold
And you tried so hard just to make me laugh
And you cuddled me in your arms like a scarf.

You told me you were training and I said “What for”
to be a mechanic” – you hoped it would opens some doors
And you were so surprised when I thought it was good
Then you tripped me up and rolled me in the mud
And like a scarf you smothered me in love.

Half an hour later, worn out and wet
You told me how of late you had been up set
And invited me in when we got back to your flat
And I tripped over and I swore at your cat
And I made the cocoa and you fixed the stereo
And you tried so hard just to make me laugh
And if you knot me a scarf, then I’ll knit you one back

Song By Trev Teasdel Coventry / Middlesbrough 1981

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